History repeating itself for Thaman?

SS Thaman established himself as one of the topmost music directors in Tollywood within a very short span. He made a highly impressive debut with director Surender Reddy’s Kick, which opened up several opportunities for the young musician, as there was a void of young music directors back then. Following the film, Thaman received several offers at the same time, and as a result, he was occupied with too many films at the same time.

Due to being occupied with too many projects at the same time, Thaman earned a negative reputation for reusing his tunes from his other films. There was a lot of criticism aimed at Thaman at the time, where everyone called him out for repeating the same music in every film. Later on, the director took a break and took on few projects at a time, and slowly rebuilt himself.

Now, once again, Thaman seems to be following the same pattern, by accepting too many in a short period of time. Right now, Thaman is occupied with several projects, and there have been several complaints that the music director is not giving a good output for many films. Here’s hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself for Thaman.

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