Hindi version of Arjun Reddy shows promise

Arjun Reddy came from the left field and scored a goal that we all will never forget. Vijay Devarakonda became one of the best actors in the TFI and he is building on that reputation as a star.

Now, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, director of the film got opportunities to remake the film in Hindi and Tamil. He chose to make it in Hindi, leaving Tamil to Director Bala.

Tamil version got huge criticism and even the producers decided to re-start the project from scratch after looking at Bala’s version. Many thought even Sandeep cannot create the same impact again.

But the Hindi film, Kabir Singh teaser with Shahid Kapoor showed that the movie is more director’s vision than Vijay’s spellbinding performance. The impact is similar and to know more we have to wait till 21st June.