Heroine gives anti-smoking advice with Balakrishna dialogue!

Balakrishna dialogues have become highly famous due to their emotion and outrageous nature. Balayya’s dialogue delivery also made some really funny lines highly famous. Ashima Narwal released a video smoking cigarettes.

When everyone asked why she did so? She gave the following explanation ..

“Cigarette smoking is injurious for health and so is roaming on the streets of hyderbad!!Please stay home and be safe!

We all are troubling Mother Earth so much that Mother Earth is troubling us back. Don’t trouble the earth or earth will trouble you! Mother Earth is not the trouble, it is the one ultimate truth!

(P.s Practicing cigarette smoking for a new role—A lot of you will be shocked to see me smoke but why are you not getting shocked making Mother Earth smoke by the pollution your cars, scooters, factories—that is something that should shock you more)


Ashima “


She mouthed Balakrishna’s dialogue – “Trouble troubles the Trouble …” while smoking cigarettes. Well, the actress seems to have been following the meme pages very closely.