Hero’ic Titles

For any film, title is the main attraction. Be it, Gundamma Katha, Mayabazaar or Gamyam, Gayam and many more. Those titles tell us the story of the film or what we should expect from the film. We have seen films with soft titles trying to give a complete massy experience and with great massy title, giving us a classy experience. So, a title is more important than anything else as it is the first thing that people tend to get attracted and attached while talking about a film. Here are some of the titles, where the hero of the film tries to move the story forward and title resemble it for sure.

ShivashivaA title like Shiva, tells us in detail what the movie is all about. It is about a young man whose name is Shiva and how he became one of the most feared gangster to stop another gangster while he starts off as a student.

Arjun ReddyArjun ReddyThe movie is all about how a completely arrogant person turned out to be a sober and calm person, due to his love towards Preeti. He tries to deal with his agony of losing her in his own way and then re-unites with her after a long self-destruction to find himself again. As the movie is about the character who is bold and on your face, even movie follows the same theme.

BaahubaliBaahubaliBaahubali series is dependent on how much people fall in love with Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali. It is connected entirely on how people around Amarendra played politics and how Mahendra won over them. So, a title like Baahubali is strong enough to make us remember the film.

ChandramukhiChandramukhiFor a Rajanikanth film, a soft title like Chandramukhi became a huge plus point. The story revolves around a lady who gets possessed so using that title is a smart move. The movie became known for its content than it being a Rajni film.

Micheal Madana Kama Raju/ Jai Lava KusaMaikel Madana Kamaraju Jai Lava KusaThese titles just help us remember that the lead actor in these movies played multiple characters and the title resembles their names. We just remember the actor and the characters by the title.

Kumari 21FKumari 21fThe story revolves a girl who is highly modern and behaves bolder than any one can believe. Such a person is believed to be too easy to go out with and also has a character that is too weak. But the truth is not such, a person can be free with you and bold too, that doesn’t mean you can judge them. The title in itself explains the complete story and that even caught our attention right away.

Bharat Ane NenuBharat Ane NenuMahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu is an interesting title and also highly heroic. It hints at the story that the main character will be a Chief Minister and that made the film stand out as well.

All Rajnikanth FilmsRajinikanthMost of the Rajnikanth films have self explanatory titles like his name, Baasha, Shivaji and others. As his films depend on him and his star power, just giving him a name is enough for a title.

These are few examples of titles give us a good glimpse of what to expect and hence, they can be called the Hero of the movie. Hence, the name, ‘Hero’ic Titles..