Here’s what makes Prashant and Rajamouli stand out

SS Rajamouli and Prashant Neel are two directors who made a name for themselves around the same time, in the pan-Indian circle. While Rajamouli did it with the Baahubali Franchise, Prashant did it with KGF. Rajamouli once again proved his hand at the game, with the recently released RRR, which went on to collect more than Rs. 1000 Crores worldwide.

Now, Prashant Neel is all set to release KGF 2, on April 14th. The film sees all the original cast return, with an additional supporting cast, from Bollywood and Tollywood as well. There are humongous expectations on KGF 2, given the high octane action that was teased in the trailer, and the stylish taking of the film, which was hinted at, in the trailer.

A lot of directors tried to make a mark in the pan-Indian market, but none have seen the same success as Rajamouli and Prashant. Many have tried their hand at pan-Indian success, but failed at it, which makes one wonder how Rajamouli and Prashant managed to stand out. Both the directors are a master of what they are doing, and even better at portraying that clearly when interacting with the media. They are also always focused only on their current projects, clearly dismissing questions about their past or future works, which shows their dedication towards the work.

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