Has Nani hiked his remuneration?

Natural Star Nani is one such hero who is always busy. He does 2-3 films every year and there is no compromise in that. Probably 2020 is the only year he has only one movie release and that too on OTT. He has completed the shoot of Tuck Jagadish which is slated for the April 23rd release. He is currently shooting for Shyam Singa Roy which is being made on a lavish budget. He has Ante Sundaraniki lined up as well. All these three movies might be releasing this year.

As per the latest update, Nani has decided to hike his remuneration. He is one of the promising heroes. His movies have minimal risk and thus producers are happy to work with him. Now, the speculations are that Nani has increased his remuneration to Rs. 12 Crores.

Nani is in talks with a couple of filmmakers and has already updated about his hike.

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