Has Brahmaji deactivated his Twitter account?

Social media is a tool that has to be used very effectively and carefully. Otherwise, we have to face the consequences. Being a celebrity on social media is not a simple thing. Every tweet of theirs will be watched very keenly.

Actor Brahmaji who is known for his characters in the Telugu Cinema has made light out of the Hyderabad Rains and has thrown a satire on it. He asked, where to buy motorboats. This wasn’t taken well by the netizens and they trolled making fun of the rains which are causing severe trouble for the people.

Later, Brahmaji posted his own house where it has been flooded up. But the trolls didn’t stop and the damage has already been done.

Now, it looks like the actor has deactivated his account. Twitter is showing the message, “This account doesn’t exist.” Will Brahmaji active once the issue settles down?

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