Has Ante Sundaraniki failed to recreate Nani’s magic?

Natural Star Nani’s recently released film, Ante Sundaraniki, had a lot of expectations on it before release. The posters, trailers, and songs released from the film highly entertained the audiences, and the theatres were packed on June 10th, when the movie was released.

Upon its release, Ante Sundarainiki has been highly criticized for its run time, which is nearly 3 hours, with the first half being the longest. Moreover, while Nani’s comic timing and spontaneity seemed to be back in the film, vintage Nani, the actor with the boy next door image, failed to make a comeback. The last time audiences could really see Nani that way was in 2017, in MCA. THat was Nani’s last commercially successful film as well.

After MCA, Nani saw a lot of flops, and while Jersey was highly successful, it wasn’t a box office success. Shyam Singha Roy, while a hit, didn’t manage to make profits either. With the current scenario changing, it looks like Nani needs to step up his game and bring back his boy next door image for really successful films, which make a fortune at the box office.

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