Harsh reality of the film industry!

Entering and making a name for yourself in the film industry is a dream that millions of people have every single day. However, realizing those dreams and making sure that those dreams are upheld every single day is not an easy task. As much as the film industry gives us, that much responsibility is bestowed upon us – as once we neglect our responsibility, there would be lakhs of people trying to replace us every second.

Several times in the past, popular actress Ileana lashed out at Tollywood, talking about the acceptance of the Telugu people and the way she was not being offered roles by filmmakers here. Ileana left Tollywood for Bollywood at a time when her career was at its peak. She found decent success in Bollywood, but that didn’t last for long, and she wanted to come back to Tollywood. When she finally made her comeback in Amar Akbar Anthony, Ileana wasn’t well-received by the audiences, which resulted in her not getting many offers.

Ileana has now lashed out at the entire film industry, talking in general. She said that while the industry remains a constant money-making machine, it’s the people that run it. She said that no one would be able to sustain in the industry without the acceptance of the people, and there’s nothing that can be changed about it. While saying that it’s difficult to sustain in the industry, she said that she would always opt for a better personal life over her career.

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