Harish Shankar decides to move on!

Director Harish Shankar’s last release was Gaddalakonda Ganesh, featuring Varun Tej in the lead role. Since then, the director has been waiting and waiting, despite getting Pawan Kalyan’s nod. A second film has been announced in the combination of the two quite some time ago, titled Bhavadeeyudu Bhagath Singh. Fans have been ardently waiting for the film’s release as well.

Until a few days ago, it looked like the film was finally about to get on track, and that Harish Shankar’s wait was about to end. However, this did not come to pass, as Pawan has announced political tours throughout Andhra Pradesh for the next few weeks.

With no certainty over when Pawan would be free again, it is being said that Harish Shankar has decided to move on and focus on another project. The director is said to be looking at different subjects currently and considering actors for his next. It is now to be seen what will happen in the end.

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