I am happy to be a part of full length comedy

Pragya Jaiswal made a debut as the rich princess in the movie, Kanche. Many liked her in the role and the actress found acceptance among the audiences. She then tried to showcase her glamour side while balancing the strong character driven roles. She talked to press regarding her film, Achari America Yatra, that is releasing on 27th of April.

She said, “I am glad to have a diverse filmography till now. I did a movie like Kanche as my debut and then tried to showcase action skills in commercial films. This is my first full length comedy and I laughed out loud while shooting for the movie. Even though I am serious in the movie, comedy will happening around me and I enjoyed working with Bharamanandam garu, Vishnu very much.”

She shared that her character comes to India for an emotional purpose and she falls in love with Vishnu. Vishnu flies with his friends, to America and the film chronicles their adventures there to meet her and unite them. The actress said that she too was part of the accident happened on the sets of the film but she doesn’t want any sympathy. She asked people to come to the theatre and enjoy the film. G. Nageswar Reddy is directing the film.