Hanuman: A new beginning for Telugu Cinema

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed cinema in many ways that were not known of, previously. It brought together a huge ensemble cast, each of them playing a different superhero. This culminated in one of the biggest movies, in the form of Infinity War and Endgame, the latter having even occupied the highest-grossing film ever, for a short while.

It was announced yesterday that director Prasanth Varma would be introducing a brand new, original cinematic universe in the Telugu Film Industry. He previously made his own mark in TFI with Awe and Zombie Reddy and is now all set to create a cinematic universe with brand new characters. It is to be seen if he will bring back any of the characters from his previous films Awe and Zombie Reddy, as humans who are part of this universe.

The introduction of the first instalment of this new cinematic universe was made today, with Hanuman, the first original superhero film in Telugu. The details about the cast and crew are yet to be revealed. The details about other characters are also to be revealed by the director still. All in all, the teaser of Hanuman looks highly promising, and it would be highly interesting to see this cinematic universe pan out in Tollywood.

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