Guru premieres; A sign of confidence!

Guru, Victory Venkatesh starrer, is gearing up for a sizeable release on 31st of March. Producers YNot Studios wanted to release the film in early December but with Demonetization, they wanted a date where they can be confident about the audience occupying the theatres as the film is not a regular story told in regular style. It is mainly a story of a Coach and his unwilling protege with unrealized potential for greatness. The Coach gets through her with his crazy attitude and this forms for an interesting chemistry between the leads.

Venkatesh, who made a name as a ‘remake’ hero, supported his choices by giving his own valid reasons for choosing a safe bet. Guru too adds to his long list of remakes, film is a remake of Saala Khadoos, but the actor changed his demeanor for the film with a salt and pepper look. He did not just change his look but even changed his body to play the role. Actor promised to showcase a new Venky for his fans and audience as well with the movie.

The movie team seems to have lot of confidence in the movie, as they have decided on hosting premieres one day before release in Major stations like Hyderabad and Vijayawada. This could also be a new promotional strategy adopted by Suresh Babu, who is the distributor for the movie, as he did hold lot of premiere shows for Pelli Choopulu before and also suggested the team of Ghazi to hole a press show two days before release. This strategy only works when you’re sure that the movie will work for critics and common audience as well. As if it doesn’t, the negative word can kill the movie even before the release. Well, the movie will decide if the team was confident or highly hopeful about a positive response.

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