‘Gundamma Katha’ movie gets good reviews all over

Much waited movie ‘GUNDAMMA KATHA’ which was directed and produced by lakshmi srivatsa under ‘Aditya Creations’ was released today. Starring Aditya, pranavya in lead roles and getup srinu, bhasha, kanakadurga, venugopal, shobha rani others acted in crucial roles. Cinematography by monish bhupathi raju and editing by Prawin pudi. Satish saadhan composed music. Let’s see how much this movie will entertain the audience :

Story: It was completely a family drama with a mix of hilarious comedy and punch dialogues. The film started with age old property issues. With in a complex situation… Gundamma (kanaka durga) out of frustration writes the entire property on her grand daughter anjali’s (lavanya) name.That agreement creates tough situations to Anjali’s life.She didn’t know why situations are going like that. Then after hero (Aditya) who loves his sister a lot tries to find out who is behind all this.At final… the puzzle get solved or not? Have to look on big screens.

The story which was written by director looks adequate.But not works completely. However twists and Comedy works well. Especially GETUP SRINU and BHASHA’ s track was hilarious. Other artists also done a decent job. Dialogues also place a major role.

Comming to minus points… introduction of the characters was completely confusing.It takes some time to audience for identifying the characters. Another thing is hero’s father role was not designed well and not fit in major portions.

In technical aspects.. It was a first movie for director. As movie theme wise she done a good job.. but she could have been take care about the script. Editing is crisp. Cinematography by monish bhupathi is okay. music also Okayish.

In final words…’Gundamma Katha’ works in parts. This film consists a passable comedy portions and punch dialogues which will engage and entertain youth and family audience.

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