Great gesture towards AP distributors by Pushpa makers

Thanks to the collections and the box office performance of the Hindi version of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa: The Rise, which has performed beyond expectations, the makers of the film have managed to bring in good profits. While the collections in Telugu and Tamil have also been good, the Telugu version has suffered due to the tickets issue in Andhra Pradesh.

Distributors in Andhra Pradesh have especially incurred great losses, due to the low prices, and the mixed talk that the film received in Telugu. With Pushpa having made its OTT debut on Amazon Prime today, the hopes of the film being able to collect any more money in AP’s theatres is less likely. The makers of Pushpa have now announced that they would be refunding 50% of the losses incurred by AP’s distributors, thanks to the profits they made from the Hindi version.

This is a really great move, considering that the exhibition industry is not in a good position in AP right now. On the other hand, the second part of Pushpa is scheduled to release in December this year, and the shootings expected to begin in March.

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