Gicchi Gili Gili from Old Monk is out now

Old Monk is a Kannada film that has made a lot of news. The film is directed by Srinivas and is coming out in Telugu with the same name. RK Nallam and Ravi Kashyap have purchased the dubbing rights of this movie.

Now, the amazing single Gichi Gili Gili song has been released in both Kannada and Telugu. The song is composed by Saurav and Vaibhav. Dhanunjay Seepana has sung it wonderfully and the song is easy on the ears.

The dubbing is underway and the film will be brought out to us in association with Kalprboard productions and Starwood Entertainment Network.Inc. The film is a fun comedy and will have some good performances as per the update from the media.

The film has Aditi Prabhudeva, Sudev Nair, S Narayan, Sihi Kahi Chandru, and others in the star cast. Very soon, the makers will start the promotions of the film. So, wait and watch how many exciting things are going to get out in the days to come.

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