George Reddy Movie Review & Rating

George Reddy is the biopic of the slain Osmania University student leader George Reddy. After a whole lot of promotions, the film is out finally. Read to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Geroge Reddy played by Sandeep Madhav joins Osmania University and very soon starts raising his voice against the various disparities on the campus. He has two rival gangs to survive but he does well and becomes very famous all over the state of AP. Things become so serious that his opponents plan to kill him to bring peace to the campus. How far they are successful is the rest of the story.

Performances: Sandy aka Sandeep who played George Reddy has done an excellent job in his role. He is superb in the fights but his character is dominated by side characters in the first half. The heroine is cute and talks amazingly and holds the film with her screen presence. Shatru was as good as the villain. Kaushik who plays Sanday’s friend was amazing in the film. The rest of the supporting cast was good.

First Half

Second Half
No great villain
Dull ending

Analysis: The film starts off nicely by introducing George Reddy in an effective manner. The college politics have not been established well as the first half is filled with god fights and nothing else. The gritty drama is missing in this part. Not many know as to why even Satya Dev’s role was there in the film.

The makers should have concentrated on revealing who the rival gangs were and what their motto is. The hero is silenced most of the time and gets effective only during the fights. Things fall flat even more in the second half as the narration is very dull. The film is good when the fights come as the lovely BGM lifts it well.

The hype created and the film made do not match as it is ended on a very insignificant note. There are not many thrilling moments in the film nor the film is bad. It is somewhere between good and bad.

Rating: 2/5

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