Gargi Movie Review And Rating!

Sai Pallavi starrer Gargi under the direction of Gautham Ramachandran has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Hailing from a middle class, a private school teacher named Gargi( Sai Pallavi) gets information that her father Brahmanandam who is on duty as a security guard at a residential apartment will be taken into custody by the police. This incident totally shutter family life of Gargi? Why will cops arrest Gargi’s father? Is there any strong reason behind Brahmanandam’s arrest? What will Gargi do to rescue her father? To know the answer to the above questions, you have to catch the film in the nearest theatres.

Performances: Sai Pallavi acted naturally in her performance-oriented role. Her screen presence and struggle in the process of bailing out her father add authentic flavour to the narrative. Sai Pallavi’s makeover and her appearance as a typical middle-class girl are convincing.

Yet another major attraction for the film is Kaali Venkat. The talented actor perfectly fitted in his crucial role as a lawyer. His courtroom arguments with logical presentation elevate the mood of the film. Young actress Aishwarya Lekshmi did her cameo role quite decently. Other supporting artists such as Jayaprakash, the man who played Sai Pallavi’s father character are believable in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Music by Govind Vasantha is one of the major pluses as his background score and sounding elevate the mood of the film superbly. The cinematography work is good as the premise is captured well.

While the editing by Shafique Muhammed Ali is good, the production design and the Production values for this tight-budget film are okay.

Analysis: Gargi deals with a sensitive issue and the director Gautham Ramachandran took good care and executed the film on a proper note without any melodrama. The entire premise created and the realistic approach are advantages of his social drama.

Though the narrative is good and deals with the core concept without any deviations, most of the time the audience feels like watching a serious drama which can be termed a minus for the film as the audience who light-hearted drama. Adding to it, once the pre-climax twist is revealed, the struggle and pain in Sai Pallavi’s character is winded up with rushed proceedings.

To summerize, Gargi is an intense social drama that addresses a sensitive issue which is required to be said in this contemporary times. Though the lead artist’s performance and the execution are good, the film might not generate revenues at the ticket windows due to lack of commerciality in it but will find takers when premiered on digital space.

Verdict: Straight to the point!

Rating: 3/5

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