Nani’s Gang Leader

For some reason, the makers of Gang Leader did not promote the film as it is thriller based on some twists. The film is finally out now and read on to see how it turns out to be

Story: An old lady played by Lakshmi forms a gang and approaches a crime writer Pencil played by Nani for help as she needs to take revenge on Dev(Karthikeya). But as they are weak, they cannot target Dev directly. This is when they all form a team and somehow gun down Dev in the end. Well, how do they do that is the whole crux of the film.

Performances: Nani is like a sweetheart in the film as he plays his role so endearingly. He is cute and generates superb fun in the film through his character of Pencil. Priyanka Arul makes a good first impression and looks pretty.

Lakshmi is very good as the granny and her twist is also superb in the end. Saranya Mohan is good with her Pulihora jokes. But another advantage of the film is Karthikeya who plays Dev. He is menacing and does a superb job as the bad guy. His role is etched well by the director.




Predictable scenes

Analysis: Vikram Kumar comes up with something new all the time and he does the same with Gang Leader. His subject is new and has not touched upon more in Telugu. He establishes the story well and brings decent twist which keep engaging the audience.

But he makes the last fifteen minutes dull and this is where the excitement in the film dies down. He has cast his stars well and they give superb performances which is a key to the film. The film has good comedy in the form of Vennela Kishore and Nani as they bring the house down on fire.

The film has decent twists which are revealed well at most times. First half is better when compared to the second. Though the film is not nail biting, it is gripping for sure and gives Nani another hit in his kitty. Watch it with no expectations.

Rating: 2.5/5

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