Gaddhalakonda Ganesh

Varun Tej has got a big makeover for his new film Valmiki which has now been renamed as Gaddalakonda Ganesh. The film is a remake of the hit Tamil film Jigarthanda and is directed by Harish Shankar. Read to see how the film turns out to be.

Story: Gaddalakonda Ganesh played by Varun is a dreaded gangster who has no fear. Everyone is scared of him and seeing his nature, Abhilash played by Atharva decides to make a film on his life. But poor Abhilash does not know that in this process, Ganesh will dominate him and decides that he himself will play the hero. The crux of the story is as to how Abhilash makes his debut film with this crazy goon.

Performances: Varun Tej is the heart and soul of the film. His makeover will bowl you over and makes his character look menacing and crazy at the same time. Varun is superbly improving with each film of his. Pooja Hegde has limited screen presence but she was strictly okay.

Comedian Satya was very good as his comedy works well in the first half. Atharva is a weak link as his screen presence is dull and a better Telugu actor would have made a world of difference. Brahmaji is good and Supriya Pathak is wasted in her role.


Varun Tej
Comedy scenes
Mass episodes



Analysis: Harish Shankar made a lot of changes to script but in all this he has let go of the emotions. The film lacks emotional depth and is only made serious in the end. Pooja Hegde and her track are boring and eat away a lot of runtime.

The film is started well and Varun is shown as this dreaded gangster who can do it all. But there is no hard hitting conflict which fsiks to strikes a balance. The second half plays a spoil sport is leaked with a lot of issues.

Harish Shankar makes several scenes very silly and makes the film go down in no time. So much time is taken and this adds a lot to the runtime. He has not spoiled the film he has not shown in in a great mode too. Those who have not seen the original will find it different but the rest will find it boring

Rating: 2.5/5

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