Future of theatrical releases remains uncertain

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic came out of nowhere and left a devastating impact on everyone. The first to be affected due to this were cinema theatres, which had to be shut down immediately. Films started to be released in theatres only on July 30th, after the second wave of the virus. While the first time around, in December 2020, audiences were positive of the reopening of theatres, the same cannot be said this time around.

Audience’s response has been better after the release of SR Kalyanamandapam, but it is not good enough for the continuous release of films, or even for the release of big films, as a lot of stakes are involved in that case. As a result, filmmakers are still doubtful of releasing their films in theatres, and most of the big films are scheduled to release next year.

On the other hand, audiences have by now, gotten used to watching films and other content in the comfort of their homes. As a result, the response to watching a film in theatres, at a time like this, when the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc in some parts of the country, audiences remain to be uncertain and scared about going to theatres at the current time.

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