From saying no to Bollywood, to pan-Indian films

Any actor or actress usually dreams of making it big in Bollywood, and their first step towards that is making it big in the South Indian film industries. There have been many actresses in the past who made it big here and then gained good recognition in Bollywood – Sridevi, Jayapradha, Taapsee, etc.

While there are actresses who have made it big, there is a higher number of actresses who failed in Bollywood and lost out on their stardom in the South. With the passing of days, Bollywood for South actresses, and even actors. Almost every Telugu star actor has refused all and any Bollywood offers throughout their career, and strictly stuck to doing Telugu films. The same goes for top actresses in the South, like Nayanthara and Anushka, who have repeatedly refused Bollywood offers, and stuck to Tollywood.

Thanks to Baahubali though, actors are now interested in doing pan-Indian films, and the dream of making it big in Bollywood is slowly disappearing, with South films dominating Hindi films in the last few years. Almost every top actor in the South is currently doing pan-Indian films, all of which are highly anticipated in the country.

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