First half of 2022: A mixed bag

There were a number of releases during the first half of 2022, with films that have been waiting for a release date for years having been released during this time even. The first half managed to get out all those films that got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The year so far has been a very mixed bag, especially in terms of box office success, owing to several factors, with the main reason being the increase in ticket prices, which has affected the footfalls at theatres majorly. Apart from that, the OTT culture has impacted the theatrical culture quite a bit, resulting in the mixed responses at theatres.

With movies turning out to be global successes and even utter disappointments, and with massive films to small films having been released so far, 2022 has been a hit and a miss so far. It is now to be seen what the second half of the year holds in store, with a number of movies ready for release, and once again, a lot at stake.

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