Filmmakers scaring off the theatre-going audience?

The Telugu Film Industry is currently going through a huge crisis, due to the heavy slashing of ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh. Despite several requests made by Tollywood to the AP government, to increase the prices of tickets, the AP government has agreed to increase the prices only by so much, not resulting in huge relief for the industry. On the other hand, the Telangana government is giving full freedom to the industry, helping it out during this crisis.

As a result, the ticket prices in Telangana are sky-rocketing, with prices going up as much as Rs. 295, even in mid-range theatres, costing a major bomb for the theatre-going audience. The prices are already scaring off many audiences, who are opting to watch the films in the comfort of their homes when the film is released on some OTT platforms. While the situation of big movies, which warrant a theatrical experience would be different, the same cannot be said of smaller films, which could be enjoyed from the comfort of our homes.

If the prices further increase, then the chances of the theatre culture surviving longer – as it once used to – is highly difficult. On the whole, it is being said that the industry would benefit from reducing ticket prices if more audiences are to continue watching films in theatres.

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