Fans excited to see Nandamuri brothers on the big screen

Much before the release of Bimbisara, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram had told the audience that if everything went well, and according to plan, then there’s a chance that the audience would get to see NTR in the Bimbisara franchise, alongside Kalyan Ram on the big screen. That was when Kalyan Ram had also announced that the plan is to make three films in the Bimbisara franchise.

The first part was released on Friday, and turned out to be a huge hit. The film marked the first hit for Tollywood in nine weeks, and continues to go strong at the box office, bringing in good collections. The film has turned out to be a unanimous success, and the team of Bimbisara is already talking about the second part of the film. Kalyan Ram recently spoke about the second part, and siad that it would deal with the backstory of the ruthless king Bimbisara, and his journey through the years.

With Kalyan Ram talking about the second part, fans are already excited and asking about the involvement of NTR in the project. They’re excited to see the Nandamuri brothers share screenspace, and it is to be seen what Kalyan Ram’s response would be to the question.

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