Fans eager to see pre-Baahubali Prabhas

Young Rebel Star is known as Darling by all of his fans and by everyone who has ever worked with him. He’s known for his down to earth nature and for his absolute love for food – eating it and sharing it with those around him as well. While Prabhas became a pan-Indian star with Baahubali, he had a huge fan base in the Telugu states from way before that itself. His last release before Baahubali was Mirchi, which changed Prabhas’s entire demographic with the Telugu speaking people.

Prabhas became the second actor with a huge female following after Mahesh Babu, post-Mirchi. His simple yet stylish and effortlessly classic looks from Mirchi raised the bar really high, and his royal and rugged looks from both the Baahubali films were an entirely different thing to die for. However, things changed a bit after that, with the way Prabhas started to look.

Fans and general audiences started to feel as though the actor is not paying as much attention to his looks as he used to previously. They feel that the actor needs to do something about it and get back to looking the way he did before. With tight schedules and back to back shooting for films, Prabhas doesn’t have much time on his hands. However, here’s hoping that his fans requests will be heard by the actor and that their wish would be fulfilled by him.

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