Fame and personal life: Two concepts that never gel well

Every person dreams of becoming something, and doing something significant in their lives, and most often, they strive towards that. While everything has a cost, the biggest cost of being a public figure is that every minute part of our personal lives becomes a point of public interest, without any restraints, whatsoever.

Everything that is part of a person’s life becomes part of the public as well, making a stranger privy to certain things, and making them a critique of things that don’t even matter to them. This is exactly what keeps happening with actors, who are constantly in the public eye, as their every move is looked at with a magnifying glass, and over speculated.

In the modern age, with social media, personal boundaries have further diminished, and the concept of privacy is being disrespected in so many different ways. This is the same thing that is now happening to Samantha and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni, who are being closely observed by the media, and every move of theirs is being speculated to mean something. Whatever happens in their personal lives is something that’s between them, how would it matter to anyone else?

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