Failed Classics – Movie that flopped despite being good!

Normally, movies are two types, hit movies and flop movies. But not all hit movies are great and classics. in the same way, not all flop movies are bad and disgusting too. There are some movies that had a good story, well executed images, music, acting, everything but still they failed at box office. such movies can be called as Failed Classics! Let’s have a look at some of them ..

Jagadam (Sukumar)JagadamSukumar’s second film after Arya. The move is revered as a classic and has a cult following today, it was not well received when it released. The songs by DSP are still a hit. Ram and Isha Sahani acted in this movie and the hero character is designed very naturally in the film.

Neninthe (Puri Jagannath)NenintheNeninthe is also talked about as one of the best movies these days but this Ravi Teja, Siya starrer did not become a hit when it released. We can this to be the best effort in the career of Puri Jagannath as a writer. He also received Nandi Award for his dialogues.

Banam ( Chaitanya Dantuluri)BaanamNara Rohit was introduced with this movie and he acted with utmost conviction to the character in his first movie itself. The movie takes an innovative theme of a naxalite son, aspiring to become a police officer and showcases how difficult it is to rub off that impression for a young man in a judgmental society. The movie failed due to lack of any commercial elements.

Nenu Meeku Telusa (Ajay Sastri)Nenu Meku ThelusaThe promos of the movie created a huge sensation before the release but the movie failed to live up to the sky-rocketed expectations of the audience. The movie receive lot of critical acclaim but could not convert that into box office moolah.

Andamaina Manasulo (R. P. Patnaik)Andhamaina ManasuloR.P Patnaik tried to showcase a beautiful love story with this movie but he could not convert the movie into a box office hit. Even though his work is revered by critics, somehow movie failed to reach the maximum number of audience.

Prasthanam (Deva Katta)PrasthanamPrasthanam has become director Deva Katta’s visiting card in the Industry. It is liked by many Industry insiders and even people who watch the movie on Television praise it. Sai Kumar and Sharwanand have lived in their roles and the dialogues from the movie are still popular. But due to lack of experience in promoting the movie and bad release timing movie flopped.

Yuvakudu (Karunakaran)YuvakuduPost, Toli Prema Karunakaran became a sensational director and his next with another young and upcoming hero, that time, Sumanth who entered the Industry as grandson of Akkineni Nageswara Rao did not work at the box office as expected. The movie had great music composed by Mani Sharma that is still popular and Bhumika is still praised for her beautiful performance. Even Sumanth, Jayasudha, Ali are praised for their performances in their respective roles.

Katha (Raga Srinivas)KathaKatha is a psychological thriller that had the perfect screenplay but somehow audience did not show much interest in the movie.

Ko ante Koti (Anish Kuruvilla)Ko Ante KotiAnish Kuruvilla who worked with Shekar Kammula, made this movie after his critically acclaimed Avakayi Biriyani. This movie too received lot of critical praise but could not ring in he cash registers has the producer, Sharwanand expected.

Nijam (Teja)NijamIt is Nijam, that made Teja go out of form claims even the director. He suggested that when his movie flopped, he had to cater to the demands of the producers and make Jayam kind of movies only. Mahesh Babu has given one of his career best performances and received Nandi for that.

Orange ( Bommarillu Bhaskar)OrangeOrange might be one of the best albums ever composed by Harris Jayraj but even though movie had a good point and great performances from the leads did not impress the audience as much as it is being able to do today.

Nenokkadine (Sukumar)NenokkadineNenokkadine had Mahesh Babu in never seen before avatar as a rockstar and the actor gave his best for the movie. Even though the scenes and climax, especially BGM is still remembered from the movie but it could not become the box office hit. Many did not understand the movie and that became a major negative for the movie.

Andari Bhanduvaya (Chandra Siddhartha)Andhari banduvayaThe movie is praised for it’s theme and deft handling but it could not become a hit at the box office when released.

Anukokunda Oka Roju ( Chandrasekhar Yeleti)Anukokunda Oka rojuChandrasekhar Yeleti had to digest an sour pill after delivering a hit like Aithey. The movie has all the elements that should work for the story but audience expected something else from the movie and did not work well with them during the time. Now, it is praised as one of his best works after repeats in Satellite broadcasts.

Pilla Jamindar (G. Ashok)Pilla ZamindarEven the movie had a great theme and story, it did not become the hit that it should have been. It remained an average grosser but it is revered as the one of the best performances by Nani.