F2 -Fun and Frustration

F2 is the fourth movie from Anil Ravipudi. He made a name for himself as a comedy film maker who can deal with strong action episodes too. Can he deliver a complete comedy? Lets discuss …

Plot:: Men feel their freedom after marriage is lost completely. Venky (Venkatesh) after six months of his marriage to Harika (Tamanna) feels he is locked in a cage and suffocated wants to find a solution soon. Varun (Varun) falls in love with Honey (Mehreen) and finds her annoying just as they are about marriage. On the day of marriage, Venky and Varun flee from the place to Europe. Will they realise their mistake? Watch the movie to know how …

Performances:: Venkatesh shoulders the movie so much that it looks like a single starrer even though there is another actor, Varun Tej to shoulder the weight. He carries the whole burden like a pro he is and then delivers a good performance that we can definitely be happy about.

Varun Tej showed good ease in his performance and he is improving as well. Tamanna and Mehreen doesn’t impress at all. Annapoornamma, Y. Vijaya are good. Vennela Kishore and Srinivas Reddy disappoint. All others are adequate.

Technicalities:: Thammiraju as an editor tries to assemble everything as a cut. He did not care for smoothness or lags. He let what director wrote in the script be rather than working towards making the film look more compact.

Sameer Reddy just shot the film with a camera rather than really giving it a character or purpose. He just couldn’t perform better.

Devi Sri Prasad is the biggest minus for the film. He tried hard to weaken the proceedings with his songs and BGM. He succeeded in doing so.

Anil Ravipudi again came up with interesting characters but did not give them enough scope to shine. His women characters don’t have any kind of redeeming qualities to balance out the kind of bash-ability that they have shown in the first hour in the later part. He just generalizes everything and we feel, he should have taken Jandhyala and EVV inspiration even better than he did.

He comes up with some fresh jokes here and there but falls into hamming later. He should have let the reason to separate not be generic and even to unite not be simple. There is so much to desire but delivers so little.

Analysis:: This kind of movies, where women vs men and their love become an important cog to run the story forward, require new scenes and fresh comedy. Anil gets it right in the first hour to a decent level but falters in the second hour. He set up things well so much that we believe he will not disappoint in the second hour and especially during the climax like he normally does. But he again fails to concise his ideas and gives a precise runtime for the film.

The climax drags on and even second hour feels more hammy than the entire film. New characters irritate so much that we end up asking for some fresh and inspired writing again. But he just disappoints. Still, Venkatesh takes care of the proceeds well enough to make us feel entertained.

Rating: 2/5