Expiry Date Web-Series Review

Zee5 released a new web-series in Telugu and Hindi languages, Expiry Date, recently. The series can be termed as the comeback of Sneha Ullal, one of the popular leading ladies of Telugu Cinema. Shankar Marthand wrote and directed the web-series. Sharrat Marar produced the series. Here is our opinion about it…

Story: Expiry date deals with the stories of two married couples who are the edge of the expiry of their relationships. Vishwa (Tony Luke), a successful businessman, gets to know that his wife, Disha (Sneha Ullal) has been cheating on him for a few months. He changes into a highly disgruntled person from a happy man. His whole world collapses in front of his eyes.

On the other hand, Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) puts up for a long time with her womaniser husband, Sunny (Ali Reza). One day, both Vishwa and Sunitha kill their better halves. Investigative Cop Deva tries to dig up the details that these two hide about the murders.

Performances: Sneha Ullal tried her best to perform but she is inconsistent in her role in the film. Tony Luke is good as Vishwa but the series writing did not help him at all.. Ali Reza is again inconsistent with the film.

Technicalities: Writer and Director, Shankar Marthand tried to explore the idea of a relationship reaching the expiry date. Even though the story is good, the writing doesn’t really help the ideas that the director wanted to portray on the screen. The director tried hard to make the series very relevant but he dragged himself back with cliched dialogues and direction.

Screenplay gets predictable and then loses relevance as the series explores the idea through various angles. Anup Rubens music doesn’t add to the webseries mood and story. Editing and Cinematography also did not work to the benefit of the movie.

Analysis: This Thriller has many elements that should work but the ideas don’t reflect on the screen from the paper. Director missed his mark by a long distance and the series needed consistency to work better. We can easily term this as an opportunity lost. This series tests your patience.

Bottom Line: Boring and Disengaging.

Rating: 1.5/5