Exhibitors in a dilemma as Sankranthi nears

Sankranthi 2022 isn’t exactly turning out as everyone hoped it would, with major releases like RRR and Radhe Shyam being postponed, and a bunch of other, smaller films gearing up for release. Many of these films feature new faces, with the exception of Nagarjuna’s Bangarraju, which is putting exhibitors in a major dilemma.

Given that there’s hardly any buzz around any of these films that are ready to release for Sankranthi, the exhibitors are said to be of the opinion that they would incur significant losses, as they are scared that the audience wouldn’t turn up to the theatres to watch the films, especially given the spreading of the omicron variant currently. The exhibitors are also said to be of the opinion that it would be a safer bet for them to continue showing Pushpa and Shyam Singha Roy in the theatres, instead of these new films.

On the other hand, fans have been majorly disappointed with the postponement of the release of RRR and Radhe Shyam, as these are two films that audiences have been waiting for a long time, to watch.

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