Exhibitors and distributors the worst affected due to postponed releases

The exhibition and distribution industry of Tollywood has been the worst affected due to the coronavirus pandemic, after the daily wage workers’ community. Many films failed to release in the theatres, even after the release dates were announced, due to the second wave of the pandemic.

Many films like Acharya, Akhanda, KGF 2, Tuck Jagdish, Love Story and others were already bought by exhibitors and distributors for release, as their release dates were announced before the second wave. However, these films haven’t been released yet, due to the second wave of the pandemic, and with a potential third wave threatening everyone, filmmakers are apprehensive about releasing these films.

As a result, all those who bought these films are currently running in losses, and are due to pay heavy interests because of it. Due to that, many have now come to the opinion that producer Suresh Babu took the right decision by choosing to release his films directly on OTT, instead of in theatres, due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. It is now to be seen what will happen here on, with respect to the release of films in theatres, and whether they will be released in theatres or OTT platforms.

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