Exhibition industry breathes a sigh of relief

The exhibition industry all over India has been suffering since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, and while the exhibition industry in the Telugu and Tamil states got a breather after the first wave of the pandemic, the same cannot be said about the exhibition industry in the North.

While movies were released in Telugu, in the theatres, after the first wave, and even after the second wave, the exhibition industry wasn’t exactly thriving, with audiences not showing much interest in going back to the theatres. Things have definitely changed in the last few days though, with Balakrishna’s Akhanda doing magic at the box office.

The film is managing to draw in even those audiences who haven’t been to the theatres after the onset of the pandemic, which is a huge achievement in itself. With an increased footfall at theatres, not only is the exhibition industry finally being able to breathe a sigh of relief, the film industry has also turned hopeful of future releases.

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