Evvarikee Cheppoddu

Evariki Cheppoddu is a film that caught the imagination of many with its interesting trailer. The film is out and read on to see how well it has been executed.

Story: Hari played by Rakesh Varre is head over heels with a girl called Haarathi. He woos her for a lot of time but surprisingly, Haarathi does not say okay to him. One fine day, she conveys her love to him but at the same time breaks up with him and goes far away from him. Why did Haarathi do that and what is her intention? How will Hari get his love back is the whole crux of the story.

Performances: Hero Rakesh of Baahubali’s fame did well in his character and was up to the mark. He had a simple role but the young actor did it with a lot of ease. He suited his character quite nicely. Gargeyi Yellapragada is the star of the film as she has lifted the film with her memorable performance. This girl looks beautiful, can act well and also hold good emotions. Her acting in the pre-climax speaks volumes of her talent and she was a great fit to the story of the film. Vamsi Nakkanti, who played heroine’s dad was also good in his character. The way he brought out the caste madness was good to see.


Heroine Gargeyi
Pre Climax


Slow second half
No twists

Analysis: The film has a good concept of the caste system which is a big burning problem in society. This has been handled effectively by the director. The heroine takes a lot of time to say to the hero and her problems and insecurity because of her caste madness is handled so nicely in the film.

The first half runs on a smooth note with a lot of wooing by the hero. The music that shows all this is also good. The first half does not have anything great but has good fun which keeps the audience entertained in the film. The love scenes have been written so wittily and make a lot of difference.

The film slows down in the second half with routine scenes but from the pre-climax things pick well so well and end in a very convincing note. There are no great stars or solid subjects in the film but the caste concept and how people are using it for their own good has been addressed well. So at least for that, this film can be given a shot.

Rating: 3/5

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