Ever increasing remunerations becoming a cause for concern!

Prior to the outbreak of coronavirus, huge remunerations were not as daunting as they now seem, as the market looked endless, and there was a sense of guarantee that the investment of the producers would return without doubts. However, the scenario after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic has changed completely.

Huge budgets have become a cause for concern, as no one knows how situations can turn out to be any given second. The crisis that the coronavirus pandemic has brought is a severe one, but that’s not stopping our stars from demanding huge amounts of remunerations. Apart from just our Telugu stars, even Kollywood actors who are planning to star in their first-ever Telugu film are also demanding huge paycheques.

Some stars are co-producing their films, and are taking home a certain share of their profits. While this is a comparatively sustainable method, huge paycheques is a completely different story. Theatrical releases have become a huge question mark for filmmakers, as there’s no knowing if audiences will turn up to watch any films or not due to the coronavirus scare. As a result, producers are currently in a tight situation, where they are signing on heroes, and are willing to shell out big amounts, with no guaranteed returns.

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