Even Tollywood biggies involved in Sex Racket?

In any field, earning money becomes the final goal and we see often few people walking down some troublesome paths in order to earn more and also, due to pressures. For anyone to feel the pressure, other person who is applying it needs to be strong enough or appear to be indispensably powerful to the victim. Using this logic, American Homeland Security department is investigating into he latest sex racket that they busted in Chicago.

The US officials have first cancelled issuing visas to Telugu actresses and actors, whoever are applying for B1/B2 Visa for USA. Recently, Surekha Vani got her visa rejected as she attended the interview to appear in the AATA, a Telugu community association in the country. She felt really bad about the questions asked by the officials in the Consulate here, it seems.

Well, Homeland Security is scrutinising all the previous entries into the country and also trying to nab the co-ordinators who have been involved in providing the information to Modugumudi Kishan and his wife. As it is impossible for a couple to run this racket so successfully, they are also tracking back to the roots of the whole racket to expose the people behind them it seems. The investigation is going on at a rapid pace and soon, few shocking names will come out in open it seems.