After the super success of Goodachari, Adivi Sesh is back with one more thriller called Evaru. The film has made its way to the cinema halls and read on to see how it turns out to be.

Stroy: Sameera played by Regina is a murder suspect who kills a cop played by Naveen Chandra. The film takes a turn with the entry of Vikram, who Sameera signs to help her out to change the evidence. But Sameera does not have any idea that she itself is getting entangled in a big web. Well, who is behind this and how Sameera manages to get out of this is the crux of the story.

Performances: Regina gives her career-best as she was just riveting in the film. She starts off as a helpless woman and then changes gears into a brutal lady who commits several crimes. Murali Sharma does an able job in his key role.

Tollywood Tom Cruise, Adivi Sesh is once again a killer in the film. He always has a solid screen presence and here in this film does well too. But he seems to imitate Mahesh Babu with his dialogue delivery. Naveen Chandra is the surprise packet and shocks you with his ease in negative roles.




Routine Ending
Dull First half

Analysis: Adivi Sesh is a pro when it comes to the thriller genre and he makes the write Abburi Ravi make solid changes to the original. The manner in which the film is set in Indian standards is good.

The film takes off on a good not but from there on, things become a bit dull and lengthy. The director fails to make these moments gripping. The situation gets better as superb twists are brought at regular intervals.

The climax will leave you even more surprised as it is thought of well. The way all the loose ends are connected is thought off well and impress the audience. The camerawork, BGM, and thrills make this film interesting.

The film is a niche film and will surely work in the multiplexes. Thriller lovers will have a feast but those who are aware of the original will find it as passable stuff.

Rating: 3/5

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