Esha Chawla expresses her desire to make a comeback in Telugu

Esha Chawla sent an audio note to media talking about her present life and activities. She said that she took a break from Industry but not from acting. She decided to fly to America and learn the courses in theatrical arts all this while. She assisted on some mega productions and wrote, directed a musical play. For this play, she got RP Patnaik to compose the music as well.

She performed this play in various cities of India and even in foreign countries like Sri Lanka. She shared that her daily activity involves cooking, cleaning and yoga. Also, she shared that she took Ayurvedic treatment for her health issues, and she is fit now. She expressed her desire to make a comeback in Telugu and said that she is in discussions with two production houses, as well. She has a web-series in Hindi and a film in Tamil, too. She said all are struck in lockdown like her and everyone. She said that she has a strong desire to pursue her career in Telugu in future as she started her professional career with a Telugu film, Prema Kavali.

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