Enemy Movie Review and Rating!

Noted actors Vishal and Arya’s Tamil-Telugu bilingual multi-starrer project, Enemy is carrying decent buzz among the audience. Directed by NOTA fame Anand Shankar, the film had its theatrical release today. Let’s check how it is.

Story: Two childhood friends Rajiv( Arya) and Surya( Vishal) will get training under the supervision of an ex-CBI officer Paari( Prakash Raj). Later, due to unavoidable circumstances, they both turn enemies. Who will take an upper hand in this cat and mouse game, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Vishal and Arya perfectly fitted in their respective roles. Physical appearance-wise, they both are super fit and tried to bring authentic flavour to the proceedings with their screen presence.

Prakash Raj as an ex-CBI officer is okay in his role. Female leads Mirnalini Ravi and Ashmitha are okay with their appearance but they both have very less prominent roles.

The characters of Mamta Mohandas and Karunakaran lack impactful presentation.

Technicalities: Background music composed by Sam CS is a major backbone for the film. Songs scored by Thaman are passable on the screen.

RD Rajasekhar’s Camera work is outstanding as shot the crucial action blocks in a stunning manner. Raymond Derrick Crasta’s slick editing is a plus point for the action sequences. Production values for this limited budget movie are rich as the film has a grandeur look.

Analysis: Director Anand Shankar came up with a decent point based on the friends-turned-enemies concept and tried to execute the proceedings on an intense manner by incorporating the action part as the primary aspect. Though we have earlier seen many South films dealt with the same point, the premise created brings some fresh vibe to the plotline. Though the film has a few illogical scenes here and there, Anand Shankar succeeds to an extent in executing the movie on a decent note.

If he would have worked even more on the script by establishing the villain role, the result would have been unanimous. Adding to it, lack of racy screenplay and cliched narration at times come as a demerit for the movie.

To summarise, Enemy is a friendship based film that prominently focuses on the action part. If director Anand Shankar would have wrote a better scene order, the film would have got universal applause. But still, Enemy ends up as a passable watch during this weekend.

Verdict: Action dominates!

Rating: 2.5/5