Ek Mini Katha’s boost for bold films

UV Creations launched a separate wing in their production house, called UV Concepts. Under this banner, they are producing small films which are based on interesting concepts, thereby encouraging new and young talent. Their recent outing, Ek Mini Katha, a bold concept on whether the size of a man matters or not, has managed to impress the youth a lot.

Ek Mini Katha was written by director Merlapaka Gandhi, and he is being highly appreciated for such a bold concept, along with the lead, Santosh Sobhan, who gave a highly matured performance in the film. The movie handled the subject very carefully, while also managing to evoke some good humour along the way, without making it cheesy. It is now being said that UV Creations is planning for more bold attempts, with the boost it got from Ek Mini Katha.

Merlapaka Gandhi is said to be working on another bold concept, which UV Creations is expected to produce, under the UV Concepts banner once again. This is also expected to have a direct OTT release. All in all, Ek Mini Katha has most certainly opened the doors for bolder, and newer concepts, proving that audiences are ready to accept quality entertainment, and good attempts.

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