Ek Mini Katha Movie Review and Rating!

Due to the pandemic crisis, young actors Santosh Shobha and Kavya Thapar’s, Ek Mini Katha skipped its theatrical release and opted for a direct OTT release. Directed by Karthik Rapolu, the film is out on Amazon Prime Video today. Let’s check how it fares.

Story: Santosh ( Santosh Shobha) a disturbed youngster about his small private part lands in more troubles when his father forces him to get married. What kind of struggles will Santhosh undergo due to his penis size problem? How will he overcome the psychological problem? That forms the crux of the story

Performances: Ek Mini Katha is Santosh’s third film as the lead actor after Thanu Nenu and Paper Boy. Compared to the previous films, Santosh Shobhan showed good improvement in his acting and fits perfectly in the role of distressed guy. His effortless dialogue delivery and natural performance are an added advantage for the film but most of his expressions and mannerisms look like an imitation of Nani which he should be corrected in his next films.

Senior actor Brahmaji and upcoming comedian Sudharshan are good in their full-length roles. While Brahmaji is convincing his father role, Sudharshan evokes decent fun through his usual comic treatment. Actor Harsha Vardhan gets a small but important character.

Shraddha Das and Posani Krishna Murali are wasted as they fail to make an impact in their cameo appearances. Though Sapthagiri tries to generate fun with his template acting, his character has no proper justification as Santosh’s cousin.

Technicalities: Music by Pravin Lakkaraju is not great but is not bad either. The songs and the background score just goes smoothly with the proceedings.

The cinematography by Gokul Bharathi is good and gives a fresh tone to this urban story. Editing work is adequate as the run time is kept within the limits with hardly unwanted scenes.

Production values for this limited budget film are decent as so is the case with production design work.

Analysis: Director Merlapaka Gandhi has provided the story for the film. The focus point on penis enlargement is unique and brings curiosity among the viewers. The screenplay version largely balances both emotional and entertainment except for a few unwanted comic episodes here and there.

The makers tried to narrate this adult content by not crossing the line but it may not appeal to the family audience due to a few youthful dialogues and bold episodes.

Director Karthik Rapolu succeeded to an extent in narrating the film in a decent manner by mixing sensible content with entertainment and presenting it in a humorous way. But the climax portions look a bit rushed which would have been handled in a better way.

In one word, Ek Mini Katha is a sensible film that impresses at parts with the entertaining narration but dilutes due to predictable proceedings towards the end.

Verdict: Focuses on the SMALL part!!!

Rating: 2.5/5

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