Eesha Rebba’s Lust Stories Telugu remake faces new challenges

Young Telugu girl Eesha Rebba is targeting to go big in the Telugu Cinema. She has played a bold role in the remake of Lust Stories. The anthology film was a huge success when it was released. Four top Bollywood directors have made this film and Kiara Advani’s role in the movie is a bold one and many have got surprised by it. Kiara has got huge recognition and fame after doing that scene.

However, the Lust Stories remake will be different from the original. The makers have toned down the boldness quite a bit. Eesha Rebba is reprising the role of Kiara Advani. However, it is said that she didn’t play the orgasm scene and it was conceived quite differently.

However, the movie which was scheduled for release very soon has got some problems as only three of the stories are ready and already shot. The fourth isn’t shot yet.

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