Dullest season ever for Tollywood

When coronavirus first hit the country, and when the entire country went into lockdown in March last year, there was a lot of confusion, and there were a lot of questions that everyone had in their minds. Nobody had any sort of experience in dealing with a pandemic of this scale, and no one knew what to expect. Despite the confusion, audiences remained to be entertained, thanks to actors, directors and others doing their best to maintain a state of normalcy. Tollywood stars had interesting challenges going on, and audiences had a blast looking at these fun challenges.

However, this year, unlike last year, everyone’s in a state of rest, with many celebrities themselves testing positive for the virus. There is not as much energy as there was last year, with people having understood and come to terms with the pandemic and the lockdowns as a result. Moreover, the second wave is far more devastating than the first wave ever was, which has not done much to lift the spirits of anyone.

During last year’s lockdown, there were a few first look posters, teasers, and other things that were released in Tollywood, but this year, everything’s been silent so far. Of course, it hasn’t even been a month since the current lockdown started, but it’s safe to say that Tollywood has never been as dull as it is right now.a

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