Drishyam fame Jeetu Joseph is back with another thriller of his titled Donga. The film is out now and read on to see how it turns out to be.

Story: Satyaraj plays this local politician in the film and one fine day Vicky played by Karthi comes to his son as his lost son who is back after years. Everyone starts doubting him but Vicky’s idea is to rob the politician and run away. When he almost succeeds to do that Satyaraj’s daughter played by Jyothika comes as a hurdle for Vicky. The rest of the story is as to how Vicky cheats every or gets caught.

Performances: Karthi is the highlight of the film as his act brings a lot of interest to the viewers. Satyaraj is turning out to be one hell of a supporting actor and he does the same in this film. His role in the climax is superb. Jyothika was also superb in her role. Karthi and Jyothika’s chemistry is superb in the film. Rest of the stars are from Tamil cinema and they did well.

Good twists

Slow narration
Dull first half

Analysis: The film has a very good concept and backdrop and has similarities to Athadu in certain sections. A tighter screenplay with more emotional connect would’ve worked wonders for the film but things are not that great in this department.

Donga manages to entertain with good suspense and family moments. It has its scenes that keep you guessing till the end. There’s an interesting twist in the first half and another one in the climax which is very good.

But the slow screenplay should have had more moments to make it a proper edge-of-the-seat thriller. But still, this makes for a decent watch if you have an eye for a thriller.