Done with one sentiment, now onto another, will it work?

Director Srinu Vaitla is known for out and out entertainment and comedy in his films and the different way he shows his lead actors in. Srinu Vaitla’s formula was known to be a safe bet until a few years ago. However, it very soon turned out to be monotonous and one toned, and audiences got bored of it very soon.

Srinu Vaitla’s last release was Ravi Teja’s Amar Akbar Anthony, during the pre-release of which, Srinu expressed confidence in the film’s success, owing to the sentiment he has with Ravi Teja, with whom he had scored several successful films in the past. This sentiment didn’t work out for Srinu though, with Amar Akbar Anthony turning out to be a huge dud.

Srinu is now getting ready for Dhee and Dhee, a sequel to his 2007 film Dhee. In a recent interview, Srinu said that he is confident that he will score a hit with Dhee and Dhee, as there has been a three-year gap for him. He said that when there was a three-year gap in his career previously, he bounced back with three consecutive hits – Dhee, Dubai Seenu and Ready, all of which turned out to be massive hits, and he also said that the entertainment factor in all of his films wouldn’t be missing right now, as that’s what the audiences expect from him. Here’s hoping that at least this three-year sentiment works out for Srinu.

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