Done with 2022, now onto Sankranthi 2023 race!

The season of Sankranthi is a major one for Tollywood filmmakers, with almost every big film eyeing the Sankranthi release date, as it’s a major sentiment for many to release their film during this time. Several big films have already announced their release dates for Sankranthi 2022, and now, speculation re rife that the makers of RRR are also considering Sankranthi as their release date.

While the race for Sankranthi 2022 continues, the Sankranthi 2023 release slot is already being raced for, with sources revealing that Shankar and Ram Charan are planning to release their film for Sankranthi 2023. The film hasn’t yet started shooting, but the release date is already being discussed.

A number of big films will start shooting this year, as several films that have been shooting since last year are about to come to an end. All the films that are pending release are being planned to be released by mid next year so that newer films can be released peacefully. All of this is considering that the reported third wave of coronavirus doesn’t affect the Telugu states. If it does, however, things could look unpredictable once again.

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