Does Bigg Boss Management try for a controversial couple?

On the small screen, Anchor Ravi and Anchor Lasya are well-known names. A few years back they used to host shows together and their pair has attracted many viewers. So Program producers too have asked them to host together and their journey successfully continued for many years. However, with the reasons unknown this couple has parted ways. In a couple of interviews, they made allegations over each other and said that they are in no interest to work together again.

After these many years, Bigg Boss management has tried to rope in these controversial couples as the duo will attract more TRPs for Season 4 which will start very soon. But it is said that they have made it clear, they will not participate in the show if the other one is also participating. They don’t want to face each other again and spending time together is out of the question. Left with no choice, Bigg Boss management is now thinking whom to rope in between Ravi and Lasya.

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