DJ Tillu gets massive response on AHA

Siddhu Jonnalagadda made huge waves with his latest film, DJ Tillu, which carried a huge buzz around it until its release. Audiences went into the theatres expecting a lot from the film, and they were not disappointed, considering that the film became a box office success.

The film was released on Aha a couple of days ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, according to sources. Aha wrote “Bomma adhirindi. Recordu lu mottham scratching,” on its social media platforms, confirming the response the film has been receiving.

DJ Tillu is a fun and energetic thriller, which has a lot of crazy and loveable moments within it, appealing to the audience. Siddhu stole the show with his performance, and all the others actors perfectly fit their roles too. The film is directed by Vimal Krishna, with Neha Shetty playing the female lead, while Brahmaji, Prince and Kireeti appear in key roles.

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