Distributors now calling the shots!

In the past few months, a lot of films were released and turned out to be huge disasters, so much so that the distributors who bought these films experienced massive losses, ones that are still haunting many. While producers and others associated with these films promised to make up for these losses, it hasn’t been enough to compensate everyone at loss.

The main reason for such huge losses is the massive asking prices of the producers. Producers went too high with their prices for every film in recent times, owing to such a massive mishap. With such huge mistakes having been made by producers, it is being said that distributors are now calling the shots, when it comes to buying any film, as opposed to the producers who normally call the shots.

All the distributors in the Telugu states are now said to have come to the decision to buy a film based on their rules and terms, and to not buy a film at the insane prices dictated by producers, so that they end up being safe, should things go South.

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