Disney Hotstar overtakes Netflix

Netflix is the leading OTT service worldwide, with millions of customers. However, this streaming giant has been facing a few problems this year, as Netflix has lot out on a lot of customers in the first half of this year, and has been losing out on customers in the second half as well.

In India particularly, Disney Hotstar has now dethroned Netflix as the most popular OTT platform, with the most number of subscribers. Disney Hotstar managed to do this because of its tie-ups with other streaming platforms like Hulu and ESPN, whose subscribers have contributed to a good number to Disney Hotstar. Moreover, the fact that IPL and Bigg Boss can be watched on Disney Hotstar is another added advantage.

Disney Hotstar currently has 21.1 million paid subscribers, while Netflix stands second with 220.7 million subscriptions. Another reason for Netflix losing out on subscriptions could be attributed to the fact that the streaming platform is quite costly, when compared to Disney Hotstar.

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